Navigating Custody Challenges: Legal Rights of Unmarried Parents in Greenville, SC

At the David W. Martin Law Group, we understand that dealing with custody disputes as an unmarried parent may be a difficult and delicate process. It’s essential to know your legal rights if you want to provide a secure and nurturing home for your child. To help those who are struggling with custody issues, we hope to clarify the legal rights of single parents in this blog article.

Legal Rights of Unmarried Parents in Greenville

Determining the Father’s Identity:

Determining paternity is one of the first stages for single parents in Greenville. To determine parental rights and obligations, paternity determines the child’s legal father.

Unmarried parents may choose to freely acknowledge their child’s paternity by signing legal paperwork. The parent receives legal recognition through this simple process.

Court-Ordered Paternity Test: To establish the biological connection between the father and the child in circumstances where paternity is in dispute, the court may order a paternity test.

Custody Rights for Unmarried Parents: Unmarried parents in Greenville have certain legal rights and obligations regarding child custody once paternity has been confirmed.

Physical Custody: This describes the child’s place of residence. Parents who are not married may want exclusive physical custody, in which the child lives with one parent exclusively, or joint physical custody, in which the child spends a significant amount of time with both parents.

Legal Custody: This refers to the child’s right to make decisions. Unmarried parents who wish to share legal custody of their kid may do so, giving them both the power to decide on the child’s upbringing, schooling, and medical treatment.

Visitation Rights: The parent who is not in physical custody, be it the mother or the father, is entitled to request visits. Regular and meaningful contact with the child is ensured by establishing a defined visitation schedule.

Child Support: Regardless of their marital status, both parents are legally required to provide for their child’s financial needs. Child support orders are made in accordance with the child’s requirements as well as considerations like income and expenses.

How David W. Martin Law Group can assist:

At the David W. Martin Law Group, our skilled Greenville child custody attorneys are dedicated to defending the rights of single parents in Greenville. How we may help you is as follows:

Establishing Paternity: We assist single parents in proving their relationship to one another to secure legal recognition and the rights that follow.

Custody and Visitation Agreements: Our staff assists in creating thorough custody and visitation plans that protect parental rights and put the child’s best interests first.

Child Support counsel: We provide just and reasonable financial support arrangements by offering competent counsel in child support cases.

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In Greenville, South Carolina, single parents have legal rights that should be upheld and supported. The David W. Martin Law Group is committed to offering you informed and empathetic legal support as you go through custody disputes and ensure your kid has a bright future. As an unmarried parent, if you find yourself having custody disputes, get in touch with us to arrange a consultation and go over your circumstances.


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