Seeking Custody and Establishing Paternity in Greenville, South Carolina 

The David W. Martin Law Group is aware of how difficult and emotionally taxing it may be to establish paternity and negotiate custody disputes. Our team is here to offer you the professional advice and caring support you need to reach a favorable result, whether you’re a mother trying to obtain child support or a father trying to assert your parental rights.

Custody and Establishing Paternity in Greenville, SC

Why Is Paternity Established?

The legal procedure of ascertaining a child’s biological father is known as “establishing paternity.” This procedure is essential for several reasons:

Legal Rights: When paternity is established, both parents are given legal rights and obligations for the child, such as visitation, custody, and child support.
Emotional Connection: Children might have a feeling of identification and belonging if they are aware of their parents’ identities.
Access to Benefits: After paternity is confirmed, children may be eligible for several benefits, including Social Security, health insurance, and inheritance rights.

How to Establish Paternity in Greenville, SC

There are various methods in South Carolina to determine paternity:

Voluntary Acknowledgment: A Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (VAP) form can be signed by both parents to formally recognize the father’s paternity if they both agree on the paternity of the child.
Court Order: A court order can be used to establish paternity in cases where it is contested or where one party does not accept it. Genetic testing might be required to establish biological parentage in this case.

Custody Rights Following the Determination of Paternity

Following the establishment of paternity, custody and visitation rights and obligations fall on both parents. But it’s essential to understand the many forms of custody:

Legal Custody: The term “legal custody” refers to the authority to decide on matters of the child South Carolina’s upbringing, including religion, healthcare, and education.
Physical Custody: Physical custody establishes the child’s daily care and place of residence.

Handling Greenville Custody Disputes

Parental fitness, living conditions, and parenting time are just a few of the issues that might lead to custody battles. It’s critical in these situations to get legal advice from a knowledgeable family law expert.

At David W. Martin Law Group, we fight for our client’s rights and, depending on the specifics of each case, try to settle custody issues through mediation, negotiation, or courtroom action. Securing a custody agreement that upholds our clients’ parental rights and looks out for the child’s best interests is our first goal.

Your Reliable Counsel on Custody and Paternity Issues

It can be difficult to determine paternity and negotiate custody rights, but you don’t have to go through these difficulties by yourself. You can handle the legal system with confidence if you have the help and direction of David W. Martin Law Group, as we put your child’s best interests and your rights first.

Please contact David W. Martin Law Group as soon as possible if you need professional legal counsel if you’re dealing with paternity or custody concerns in Greenville, SC. We are available to support you at every turn.

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